Digital Research Colloquium

The Digital Research Colloquium is an open forum for collaborative exchange on sustainability research. Every 6–8 weeks the network is meeting on a remote basis for two presentations by members of the PLUS network about their current research.

Recent colloquia have been:
No. 1: Kelvin Tinashe Pikirai (University of Fort Hare, South Africa), “Community Participation and Sustainable Development of Protected Areas: An Assessment of Ecotourism Development in Central Drakensberg, South Africa”; Prof. Eugene Chigbu (Namibia University of Science and Technology): “Tenure-Restoration Nexus: Evidence in Strengthening Tenure for Land Restoration”.

No. 2: Lebogang Basimane (University of Botswana), “Assessment of the Governance System in Urban Wastewater Treatment and Discharge Using Diagnostic and Multidisciplinary Water Governance Assessment Frameworks. A Case of Glen Valley WWTP, Gaborone, Botswana”; Prof. Alix Bibiana (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia): “Sustainability, Land Use, and Peace”.

No. 3: Dr. Jürgen Schraten (Justus Liebig University Giessen): “Democracy, Inequality and the Value of the Environment in South Africa”; Dr. Sabil Mandala (Universidade Pedagógica, Maputo, Mozambique): “The Teaching of Geography and its Relation to the Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals”.

No. 4: Ius Nathalie Chingate Hernandez, PhD (Universidade de los Andes, Colombia): “Water justice for the Amazon Rainforest from Biocultural Perspectives”; Aida Botha, PhD (North-West University, South Africa): “African Environmental Ethics: Ubuntu and Climate Change”.

No. 5: Urânio Stefane Mahanjane, Professor (UP Maputo Mozambique): “Scientific research at the Center for Research and Training in Renewable Energies and Sustainable Food Production in the era of Energy Transition and Digitization: Possibilities and Challenge”; Luquegi Gil, Professor (Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia): “The rights of nature in Colombia an experience from the case: Sentence T-622 of 2016. Atrato River as a subject of rights.”

If you would like to join the PLUS research community, please approach PLUS coordinator, Ghita Rezzouk:

Funding JLU Garden

PLUS member York Kautt has been awarded funding by JLU’s Sustainability Funds, lasting from 2023-. The project establishes a JLU campus garden project that reaches out to practices of urban gardening. The project shall bring together transdisciplinary (sociology, biology, student initiatives) teaching, research and public outreach. Its aim is to build an active project for sustainability, carried out by students, JLU staff, and interested citizens. Project partners are Joern Ahrens (PLUS, JLU sociology), Christoph Müller (JLU, biology), and Luisa Schaffrath (JLU student).