Conference: Failed Modernity? Paradigm, Critique, Consequences

Organizers: Andre Goodrich, North-West University, South Africa / Jörn Ahrens, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany

March 23, 2023 until March 25, 2023

Elisabeth Alm, Detlev Krige
Carlos Larrea

From March 23-35, 2023, Andre Goodrich (NWU) and Jörn Ahrens (JLU) did organize an international conference at North-West University that did reflect on the topic of Failed Modernity? Paradigm, Critique, Consequences. The conference discussed the concept of modernity from an interdisciplinary and international perspective and as theoretical revision. It also questioned the direct, material, structural, and ethical consequences of a crisis of modernity that massively also affects the concept and epistemological as much as material preconditions of sustainability. Further PLUS members who participated in the conference, were Carlos Larrea (UASB), Werner Nell (NWU), Regina Kreide (JLU), Andreas Langenohl (JLU).

Carlos Larrea, Pia Bombardella, Jörn Ahrens, Oliver Eberl at Potchefstroom, S.A.

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